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Commandos and Dragons: Mission Complete!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

First came the pandemic.

Then childhood nostalgia. Specifically, growing up in simpler, more innocent times. Oh, let’s be honest; growing up in the 80s, watching Goonies in VHS and looking for trouble.

Mix this with a group of seriously action-deprived filmmakers, craving for a chance to get to work in an idyllic Cretan seaside location, more than a couple of whom harboring metaphysical concerns.

Then add a title that makes you look twice, countless writers’ room Skype sessions and last minute rewrites, a stellar creative team, inspired casting choices, a TV station eager to take the chance on a never-before-seen genre in Greece, and all this orchestrated by showrunner-mastermind Theo Papadoulakis.

Give it less than a year in the making, and what do you get?

Commandos and Dragons has been a project close to our hearts right from the start and we grew even fonder of it as it came along swinging. We measure its success not only by the impact it caused on our viewers, as recorded in their social media, but also by the countless moments of individual pride achieved for each and every one member of the team who saw their work shine in these 13 episodes. So much so, that we would be willing to do it again…

Until then, you may watch the entire first season here.

And stay tuned for more!



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