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Recrucified: A modern twist on a timeless classic

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Theo Papadoulakis’ debute feature is underway!

Recrucified is the highly anticipated debut feature film by Theo Papadoulakis. A deeply emotional whirlwind of a story written and directed by one of the most accomplished filmmakers of his generation in Greece.

The film is based on the best-selling novel Christ Recrucified by Nikos Kazantzakis, the renowned author whose works have inspired people through time and across the globe. The novel has been translated in 36 languages for over 95 publications, and sold millions of copies worldwide.

Indigo View has secured the exclusive option to adapt the novel into a film, a task equally exciting and daunting; a passion project both for the film’s director and Indigo View’s producer, Ioanna Davi. According to Niki Stavrou, Kazantzakis’ publisher and copyright owner, there is no one better suited to take this project on: “We leave ourselves in the hands of a very talented director to create this film based on Kazantakis’ work, more than ever current due to the refugee crisis. If only Kazantzakis himself were still around to tell us how and why, to see all that is happening today and wonder: Is Christ condemned to be crucified over and over again?”

The film is a mosaic of contradicting elements, blending darkness and light, drama and humor.

Every day, extreme, tragicomic events take place in the world around us, so much so that we have become accustomed to them being a part of our daily routines. We keep wearing the mask that suits us and go on without even taking notice. But there are still those among us who risk their comfort and choose to walk the hard, uphill road. This film is about one such person who decides to take his mask off and face his truth.

The project participated in the Mediterranean Film Institute’s Script 2 Film Workshops. It has already received development support by the Decentralized Administration of Crete and the Kazantzakis Museum and was presented at Cinemed Festival in Montepellier, Thessaloniki IFF Agora and When East Meets West co-production forum.

Academy Award Nominee Phedon Papamichael (Sideways, The Descendents, Nebraska) is attached as Director of Photography, while a stellar international cast has been approached for the main characters.

We aim high, but a timeless classic such as this deserves nothing less and we are honoured by the author’s copyright owner’s trust. In Kazantzakis’ own words “What never happens, is what we never desired enough”!


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